Thursday, August 13, 2009

i dont wanna

ask the same ol stupid question all these girls be asking " why do all guys think about one thing, and one thing only" but i will ask a question that's related to that . Why when you meet somebody who you actually think is different from others turn out to be like an ordinary dude? Even if yall didnt do shit yet.. like i would think he would start acting mickey after bed room, but this is before we even go on date's and shit; why ? Does anybody know? Like.. you totaly think you found somebody who's BRAIN, MIND OF STATE is up their with yours and in two weeks it's like you talkin to a thirst bum on the corner .. why ? I don't give in easily, or tend to ignorance, but i know i can be a cold hearted piece of work when i feel i'm being disrespected... and talking to me like your thirsty is disrespect..

why ? can somebody PLEASE give me feedback, because this is ridiculous.


  1. I feel you, dudes can be like that sometimes but it shouldn't be to the point where its disrespectful, Your very beautiful so guys might be intimidated and that's all they can do is something disrespectful or ignorant to get your attention, Are you meeting them in the right places, you know where more sophisticated people hang out...

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    the rockstar kid'