Monday, June 29, 2009

Bet Awards ...

soo, this might be a long ars blog about the bet awards which aired live lastnight on bet. It was good show, i woulda said it was an "ok" show but... the whole thing was kind of a tribute to Michael Jackson ( we loveeee youu michaelllllll .. lol ily janary) so it earned that extra O an G and a D . Besides all of the MJ tributes, the best performance was Keir Hilson. Not saying that because she's one of my twin sisters, but because it's true. She did her thing , and she put a mj tribute on it at the end... nice. Oh and she won award, idr if it was 1 or 2, but she won; way to go sissy! Oh, the next good performance, well i shoulda saidt this one first because this was a bomb performance and this man is my father, Jay-z, but keir's performance was first lol. So jay-z didnt just shock his girl beyonce but he shocked the whole room when he came out with that song "D.O.A( death of autotune) " speaking on the whole 21st century and they whole little style .. ( you know the tight pants, the voice box, the singing like t-pain on every darn thing!) That got that mess on commericals now that's how out-of-hand it's getting (do they really have that on commericals Alaja La'shae, or you just talkin? ... Lol ) Jamie Foxx did his thug thizzle, handing laughter to us when we all know we needed it. Even Joe Jackson(MJ's Father) was spotted laughing in the crowed a time or two. Speaking of Jackson's, Janet... her speech??? do i need to say more, other than heart touching .. The whole award show, and how they changed up the whole thing last minute to do something for a man who touched everybody lives in that building yesterday night. I bet if it wasnt for him, nobody would be in that room, but soujah boy.. umm yeah .. he aint got nothing from michael.. lol
I dont need to elaborate on it any longer, yall seen the show, if you didnt, catch the encore presentation Tuesday on bet!
  • Random thought: Amber Rose looked beautiful, she's the only lady that can rock a bold head and i won't say a word about it . Kanye was looking stylish as always also last night
  • Check out some picks from the show last night in the next blog.

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