Friday, June 26, 2009

But on to something that makes me smile, taking me out of this world without the thought of MJ or any other reality problems, he called me lastnight (: . As i was tearing up my pillow because of the lost of a wonderful person, my bed started buzzing, i picked up my phone and this number (310)**7-*9** ( lol yall crazy if yall thought i was gon post the number ) and knew exactly who it was and smiled; whipping my tears away. Due to nosey ex's, baby mama's his name will not be stated in this blog, but we shall call him beautiful, that's when i see when he smiles lol! Anywho we talked, and talked, and talked, having me laughing through the whole conversation. I dont know if you guys are aware, but this is a boy who i have had an crush on since the 10th grade. And dont be like "aww alaja la'shae your a simp" because he had one on me too, so HA! I mean we been threw some ruff times together, to the point that i hated him, ( yeah hated the fact that i like him so much ) .. wondering why we never went out ? Because this foo gon lead me on, not telling me that he was talkin to somebody else, ( and we just leave her buff ars out of this, it's not about her at all! >:o) but yeah,i wasnt feeling that at all. Even though he was with this person, from december of 08 till now ,well i think so , i hope not but i be on his mind, and vice versa with me. Every guy i've date or been with doesnt compare to "beautiful" , we always talking, weither its threw a txt, a call, or a IM. ahhh being that we had a wonderful conversation last night i pray and hope that this means we bout to start something good! yessss!

  • dont laugh at me ok, i really like this boy. <3

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