Monday, June 22, 2009

first pst.

so after i dropped dorrian, let me start off with who i am, incase you for some reason dont,didnt,or cant read my "about me". The name on my social secruity card reads Alaja La'shae, which is African for "child of god" , but others call me Rose m, short for Rosevelt Macintosh. Why? Because the name describes me & speaks for it self and its saying a few words like umm, creative, extravaget, one of a kind. random quote: "imitation is suicide". please no jacking, no need for it . I love to take picture, in front or behind the camera. I model, i act, i dance, i'm just an all around talented and good person. Attend Long beach City College, and will be a sophmor in august of this month! Gradutated from on of the most worst schools in Los Angeles,Ca, Gardena High School. Well it wasnt that bad, i did meet my mini me KNASTY. Information about her is irralvent, due to the fact that she has a blogg.

well im out bitchesssssss.

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