Monday, June 22, 2009

so who's lying? Dorion from "College's Hills" gets put on blast!

So the male fashionista from college hill started off our monday with a jaw dropper. Apparently "sombody a.ka a secret male lover" hacked into his twitter and just straight dropped him, putting his buisness out there. Being that he has been going back and forth with the gay rumors, nude pictures of him has been posted on his twitter account, making matters even worse. He does admitt to taking them and sending them to 1 or 2 close friends but they were "never suppose to get out" ( yeah everybody says that after they got exposed!) The undentified hacker also took his phone and posted celebs phone numbers and addresses such as solange knowles, Debra Lee, Megan good, etc! And thats not even the bad part, this person also stated that the college hill star infected him with a disease, ouch! The hacker also spilled juice on other celebs such as Teyana Taylor, Drake , and Terelle Owens, saying Dorrian had been with the football player.Dorrian Jumped on air and "tried" to clear up the rumors but do we believe him ? He also apologized to his twitter fans.

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