Friday, June 26, 2009

The King of pop gone ,

I am lost for words at the moment, like this is un-takeable. I was infront of the tv from the time they rushed him to UCLA hospital till the time they pronounced him dead. He was 50 years of age, and died of cardiac arrest. From my sources, at personal doctor called 911 at 12:11 , explaining that he was not breathing nor responding to any cpr that they were providing on him. When the peramedicas arrived at the scene that wanted to pronounce him dead right then and there but the personal doctor refused to allow them "call it". They tried CPR from his house to the hospital on his lifeless body, but wasnt a success because he was already flat lined at the house. They did this for 2 hours, .....

no response.

He was pronounced dead at 2:26 pm yesterday afternoon.

They are performing and autopsy to see what caused this untimely death, checking for any drugs, alcohol , or perscription drugs in his system; but according to doctors at the corners office where his body is at, that can take up to six to eight weeks.

I will keep you guys informed on that .

I mean i have no words, like this is a man who touched so many lifes across the world.

He's the reason why some of these artists are even in the show bizz today!

This wasnt suppose to happen, like i cried until i went to bed last night, not knowing how to feel as he was on every freaking channel.

It was like i tried to escape it, not wanting to believe this, but something just wouldnt let me.

Like i heard the call they made to 911, smh ( tears in my eyes, and chills down my spine )

no more to say but ,

Rest in peace king of pop

Michael Jackson 1958_2009

'( x a trillion

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