Thursday, July 16, 2009

This moring, i woke up,put on my gucci's, i jumed ..

Goodmorning little bitches, how are you feeling ? Me ?, im feeling a bit insance. I dont know what it is , but i woke up going crazy; tooth paste flying everywhere! lol I think what triggered this craziness was my dream i had last night . I cant get into details because then you all would probably think I'm really really really crazy, and try to call some ppl and have me picked up ! but i can tell you some of it & who was in my dream.. lenny fck'n kravitz.. looking spiffy then ever. It was raining and he had on chaps. Does he have a son ? Because he was in their too, if not, maybe he does have a son that nobody knows about. This grandma was beating up her grandchild .. pulling her by her braids , and hitting her with WIRED HANGERS! smhhh ,mannn that mess was crazy, i dnt even remember what i was doing in the dream. Anyways... lol, thats what made me wake up crazy..or nooo! Maybe it was what happened yesterday.. did i tell you what happened yesterday ? So i went to school to discuss something with my counselor and ran into one of my fellow classmates. We went to the library and caught up on somethings, and that's when he started babbling off . Everything he told me was crazy, how 9/11 terrorist attacks was nothing but a big scam, their were no planes that even crashed into the towers, it was missiles! How nobody knows who built the pyramids in Egypt, well duhhh niggaaa ! WE WERE'NT BORN! but i just let him finish talking lol, mann caahh was talking like crazy.. like he was about to open fire right in the middle of the library! . I was like.. " yo you crazyy.. " he saidd" naa i just hack ppl computers thats it " lmat WHAAATTTT! what do you mean that's it ! Thats more than it.. thats ENOUGH! & my one of a kind self, had a chance to leave but i stayed and let him feed my brain.. smhh..Now once i left him, my mind started going.. "what if all this is real? naaa im bugging out " after that i went NUTS! If you got an IM or txt from my yesterday then you know what im talking about lol...
ahhhhh shitt.. YG & PC in jail for lifeee.. them niggas nvr getting out! whatthehellz did they do ?

hmm my sister making that fire breakfast.. bye bitch!

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