Saturday, July 18, 2009


I feel blaahh, nothing really special going on. This week i've lost a count of 3 friends with no worries in my heart. I'm just focused, trying to make things happen for me, i mean is this what focused ppl feel like? Like a big fck'n shit ? lol ( shouts out to tee tee, i borrowed your lingo!) ahhh, i guess one step at a time right ? So, as we speak im at the studio.. watching a photoshoot. This girl is pretty, she's just not use to the camera snapping left from right. She's a singer, not model;maybe that's why .. i have soo much on my mind right now... oh did i tell u i was in the studio ? Some person in the next room of us, can NOT sing . lol Goodluck with that album. Lmao lord forgive my foulness tounge!

1. Randomness: my lip hurts

2.I wanna move out of the country,

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