Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Have you ever ..

tried so hard at something you really wanted and the outcome was'nt what you were expecting, lost friends because they didnt like the way you kept it real,
lost friends just because,
put your self on hold just to help the next person and end up getting done wrong,
sat in your room while looking at the wall and just thought..,
woke up crying from a nights sleep because so much was on your mind,
been so afraid to move foward because you dont know what the future holds,
wished you didnt have knowledge of ALL the people you know now,
got dissed by people who are'nt suppose to be dissing,
thought about things that should'nt be thinking about,
played a certain song over and over again just to have a reason to sit their and think,
wonder what the world would be like if you were the only person here,
tried to explain something to somebody but couldnt get your thoughts out your head and into your mouth, felt so beautiful that you couldn't be touched by anything,
were talking to somebody and they just stoped talking to you without warning,wow,
felt like you were going to war with any and everybody,
felt like you don't need nobody,

i have .

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