Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Letting my brain freestyle ..

supp hoe! , odviously you are one if you actualy read the next word. Anyways, today was pretty chill, organized my life out a little; god knows i need a lot of that done. OOooo photoshoot on saturday, well not mine actually im kinda dressing the chick who's getting her pictures taken. I dont know why i have this picture up, oohh now i know, that's how i want my next shoot to look like; something simiarl... hMMmm Bloodyyy hellll...i'll let _______ suck my neck for blood anytime. Ha! Bestfriend caah you nosey, u probably gon txt me as soon as you see this, thinking you know who i'm talking about. Yeah then ima have to threaten you with that dream you had, yeahhh niggaaa, humping ppl and shit lmao , ily :-*! I cant wait till masturkezztion come out her for her bday, we gon get supper turnt, well she aint, she only turning 17. Me ? oh ima be in somebody party in the back with my skirt up... groovveeyy! Ayyy remember the chicken pots ? lmao, ewww, thats so ugly. Just imagine a big white guy with sweat all over his face comes up to you and ask u do you have change for 35 cents, and he has red boils on his face. Then when you ask him whats wrong, he says" ohhh i just got the chicken pots" and u give him his change and cahh lean in for a kiss ?? lmao close your eyes and imagine this right now ! ..... yeahhh thats gross huh ? smh . ohh and he has on some purple biker shorts lmfao! So i was looking in the mirror like 4 months ago and realized that i have 4 freckles and dimples, "she's sexxxay!" Man im too one of a kind for california, like seriously. Nobody in this whole state interestest me at all. Everybody walk around looking the same,sounding the same, thinking the same, its a damn shame. Even the old ppl over here disgust me. Makes me wanna go around blowing up every group home in cali. Like do you hear yall selves ? You are nothing but a clone, you cant even be mad at one another over here for doing something wrong, cause at the end of the day, you gon do it too! eww.. im done, my eyes are hurting, "where are my glasses?" . Oh i get a phone call tonight !! I can't wait for it, well its 10:21pm, lets hope this person didnt forget, if he did , your gonna here my mouth tomorrow !

Free Chills

( idk who that is, i just always here lupe fiasco say that in almost everysong lol )

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