Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Questions of the day .

Interesting questions to start off your day! I think ima make this a daily thing, not bad right ? I mean its humor, you could have woke up with less hair that you went to sleep with, or got toothpaste in your eyes while brushing your teeth. Ooohh the one everybody hates: poured a big bowl of cereal and just found out there was no milk left.. smh tragedy. Well my friend im here to tell you that i will make up for all of your shitty mornings,afternoons and nights with my daily questions.Thank me later.

This person being interview for this segment was knasty, pretty sure you all know her by now.

1) if you could be any serial killer , who would it be ?
  • dont know any serial killers

2) when you think of me what comes to mind ?
  • bitch

3) would u be my boyfriend if this world was just filled with girls ?
  • heck yea

4) Did Danger smash YOUR homies ?
  • i think so thats what bobby told me

5) Would you put your panties on ebay and sell them for $50 if i asked you too?
  • yes only if i can keep thee money

6)Do you think sunnee will ever replace you as my closet friend ?
  • HELL NO ! TF

7) Would you do a drive-by with miley cyrus ?
  • i'd do a driveby ON miley cyrus. feck her caah

8) Would you cheat on froggy ?
  • TF NO! my babe foreveeeer lol

9) Why do all homeless ppl smell the same ?( bbq sause )
  • they dont

10) Do you know what killed Michael Jackson ?
  • Life

11) If you can rob anybody in the world , who would it be ?
  • yu

12) how much do you love me ?
  • not enouqh time in thee world to say

13) would you go to a all boy school, being that you are the only boy ?
  • im a qirl foo

14) whats your favorite flower ?
  • sunflower of course

15) are you tired of me ?
  • at times

16) Do you know .. the muffin man ?
  • yes. i slept with him last niqht. he qives qood heead btw. :x

feeback ?

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