Friday, July 10, 2009

Letting my brain freestyle...

soo , last nigthhhh! lol ahhhhhh, well to tell you the truth i was not expecting no phone call for you know whooo.. but it went pretty swell. Well the first 30 minutes were horrible because he was "on" code for his ars was tripping, like seriously! lol, but after that he settled down and we had a reall deep conversation,smh txt me if you wanna know the details! lol.. MIAH! that whore is nutss! .. thats her in the picture. She's my cousin/besthoe, she's also one of my bestfriends right along with keizz and rex. She got soo much drama she should just stay on the maury show with the shit she be going threw lol ; And her boobs are big ! jealous ? sometimes dammit ! So yesterday around 2, i made me and my sister a hamburger and all that good stuff. I dont think mine was done all the way, it still had pink in the inside, and i ate like half the burger !. It's still in the refridgerator too lol.. I think i wanna move, out of california. I moped the floor yesterday, after i made that un cooked hamburger, and my mom and her husband came home, this foo gon walk across the floor after i told him it was wet. With his fubu sneakers ! UGHHHH! so mad..
ahhh my tummy is hungry..
see ya ! <3


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