Thursday, July 9, 2009

Questions of the day .

So i've gotten feedback about my questions, and it was good. I guess can keep this going.

These questions were answered by the one this blog knows the best, since he be on here like its his : rexxiii!
lol you guys enjoy these wild questions, i know i will since i didnt get my phone call last night ! .. smh ..

(NOTE: i never said these questions were gonna be normal and nice, so if i ask you to participate in them, be willing to take that risk of exposure. (: )

1) How many hoes do you have ?
* to many to count

2) What was the name of the last porno you watched or participated in.
* lmao I get to much pussy to be watching pornos...but the last one I participated in was the one with brianne (I think) lol

3) According to my sources, i am aware that guys will screw anything with 2 legs and a heartbeat, and won't likely end up passing no GOOD GOOD up. With that being said would you screw a 87 year old hooker and let her takr her false jaws out and put them in your mouth even though u got a jaw already?
* wtf hell 87 yr old hooker done succed how many diccs in her life time lol her jaw infested

4)Guess what color MJ was buried ?
* umm blue

5) If you had to lick any part of Rick Ross's body, which would it be ?
* umm his titty flap lmao

6)Would you bob for a million dollars in a pool of shit ?
* nope

7)Can i paint your nails yellow ?
* if I was loaded

8) If you was to make a dance crew with a mixture of homeless street fighters & gay ppl only, what will the name of yall crew be ?
* the awesome booty fisters lol

9) Remember when we use to cheerlead together ?
* mm if ur referrin to the hell we caused in class them yeap lmao

10) Would you let a butt naked midget beat yo ass?
* can I fight bacc?

11) How do you spell Santa Claus's middle name ?
* hoe hoe hoe

12) Would you be my friend if i had a eye ball in the middle of my forehead, if i was 7"10, if i walked like a angry pirate and i had a mean right hook punch ?
* hell yea...u be my body guard

13) Would you do the stanky leg in some Chaungles, spandex, a Gucci strap back pack, a nike head band that said WWJD on the side , and a spider man tattoo on your arm?
* lol id rather do the booty dew!

4)I know this baby who walk like keisha cole mama who got talk like barry white and he only 1 years old. What do you think about that ?
* flabbergasted

15)when was the last time you screamed like a bitch ?
* umm don't recall

16) Nigga? How much do u love me ?
* after all these questions...very little lol naw j/p I love ur crazy ass as much as I love myself

Kinda vuglar, but he answered them just how i expected him to : truthfuly and gangster lol
love you bestfriend !

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