Tuesday, July 7, 2009


besfriend (rex!) , who in the hell told you to get bored and google my damn name ? Your suppose to be giving Michael Jackson all your attention right now, not peeping my blog negroo! naa but this shit is long tho, i could of got us tickets you know that right .. ? lol anywhooo.. for you all of you guys who don't know already, Rex Balbas if my bestest friend in he whole wide world... awwww.. he's like my male version of keizz, they both are like some of my closest friends a girl like me can posibly have. We been threw soo much, like seriously. From him putting me into headlocks every day, to me giving him advice about females he dated. Let me tell you, this negro rex... he got the beyotchs, like foreal. I dont understand how girls like him.. he short and he talk shit .. its like a action figure doll you buy at the store. You get the full package , plus it comes with auto response.. talking shit, lol. I mean i know my bestfriend is one hottie and all but i dont think you all heard how he talk to these girls. smh .. ike .. thats all im saying( minus the hitting lol ) but threw whatever i'm always standing by his side. His tv show "Rex's bitches and pizza" was a hit on mtv, so big they couldn't even air it because it was that good. Ohh check me out on the theme song too.. lol juellzzz.. im coming for you nigga lmao ! We had soo many good memories from us barging into Mr.D's class room and knocking off his glasses, to me and him making our own hall of fame with our 50% papers lmao . Ahhh i can go on for dayss about his boy, im glad we met, ohh did i tell you guys that i tought him how to love ? ahh he gon hate me for this because it's cramping his macking, but 4th of july.. that's all im saying ! ( love was in the air ) lol But um, he wrote a whole page dedicated to me in my senior book, i actually had tears in my eyes when i read it.. check it out

(his exact words .. smh ghetto huh ? lol)

  • "Hey Bestfriend!! Man Cuhs where do i start ? LOL I was a real pleasure knowing you. I know you gon miss me as much as i'm gon miss you. We went from buddies to besfriends. From putting you in headlocks to asking for advice in my shitty relationships. You one of he few friends that i want to keep in touch with for a long time. I'm truely going to miss seeing your crazy ass every damn day. When you hitting all them damn bluts in the summer you better be thinking of me buster. I love you bestfriend, Love always you bestfried REX!!

( NOTE: i never did drugs a day in my live. i have no clue what he was talking about lol )

but ... with this being said I LOVE YOU BESTFRIEND!, YOUR THE GUN TO MY DRIVE BY ! lol

now ge the hell of my blog! <3

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