Tuesday, July 7, 2009

nose pickin' bastard.!

My 12th grade Economic's teacher, to tell you the truth, i didnt learn Shugga Honey Ice Tea in that class. I cheated to victory ! ahhhhh and he knew it but couldn't stop me because i was that damn bad! During reading period, while i was suppose to be reading .. i kinda substituted that time for my snack & ipod time. But yeah, i would watch him put at all 8 fingers in 2 out of 3 holes on his face and just digg. I can see 1 finger, maybe even none, but 8 ?? yeah , so 1 day, i thought to myself " if i take a picture of this, and show him , would he still be in denial that he digs in his nose ?" So i snapped! .. yeahh.. i got kicked out for that shit and another saturday school added to my 5 months worth.


memories .. lol

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