Tuesday, July 7, 2009

that chick knasty . . .

tell me one thing,

why is this girl the same exact person as me ? Okay so im no gon front , she's a tad bit cooler then i am, but you know what.. i cant even be mad about it because it's a blessing. I think she's the only person who i wouldnt question if she was to ever call me twin, even though she's younger then me. We can have our days, weeks, ( not ever months !) when were no talking to each other for god knows what reason! but that doesn mean i dont love her! I hate that she's so like me ,blissful hate that is you haters. Random thought: Stevie Wonder is bald at the top of his head, but has long dread locks in the back lol( watching mj's funeral ) but ughhhh! Im very iffy when it comes to somebody trying to immiate me or wha not, but nvr gave keizz the cold shoulder because we had the same song on our profiles or if she has the same scarf as me ; shes just that bad, and the only one who can do that . She's the only one who can be sarcastic with me when i'm holding a knive and i won't even think about cutting her heart out her chest. She the only one who i will hold hands with while were shopping. I know this sounds like that page at the very end of somebodies obiturary ( ohh i wrote Michaels.. check that out on http://www.youdumbassifyouthoughtiwasforeal.net/ ) or a secret lover wrote a note and stuffed it in the your locker.. this is more then that. hmmm let me stop.. this is sounding gay.

love you kevin ! a.k.a knasty ! a.k.a killa keizz ! a.k.a that beyotch with a thousand looks.

  • birthday is 7/12

  • lives in mencta, california

  • going to the 11th grade... my baby is getting soo bigg!

  • only wears stuff that you never seen before.

  • Twitter her, Aim her, oh you want her cell phone number ? hit me up for that .

umm yeah hoe yo ass got 2 shout outs plus a whole blog about you, you think you got a good friend ?

oh she badd huh ? i mean i would put pictures of me & her up but she got them on her blog.. ughhhh ! stupid cunt! .


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